Teddy Sheeran's Music

Welcome on the Teddy Sheeran's Music page!

Ed Sheeran is best known for his albums Plus, Multiply, Divide and Equals. But he has made so many more songs. These songs are also amazing and deserve much more attention. That's why there's this page. All the songs are divided into different categories, which you can find in the menu. And for the lovers of his albums Plus, Multiply, Divide and Equals: You can also find the live versions of his hit songs on this website. Take a look around and enjoy áll the Ed Sheeran songs! X

When you have good suggestions for songs, send them please to teddysheeransmusic@gmail.com. Want to see which songs are new? Follow me on Instagram on www.instagram.com/teddysmusic, where I post short videos of the songs that you can find over here. 

][ Btw, the hearts 💙💚 are my own structure for knowing what videos of songs I can post on my instagram account or what videos of songs already posted on there. This because Instagram deleted my first page and I started all over again ][



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