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Welcome on the Teddy Sheerans Music page!

Ed Sheeran is best known for his albums Plus, Multiply and Divide. But he has made so many more songs. These songs are also wonderfull and need to be listened to more often. That's why I collect all the Ed Sheeran songs and share them on this page. You can also find the live versions of his hit songs here. His live versions are often better than the versions on the album. But that's my opinion... That's why you can find all kind of Ed Sheeran songs on this page. The songs are divided into different categories, which you can find in the menu. The songs are ripped from Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion or other video websites. I've cut off the conversations, commercials and other forms of promotion from the songs, so the only thing is left are the pure songs. Enjoy all the Ed Sheeran songs! X

When you have good suggestions for songs, send them please to teddysheeransmusic@gmail.com. Want to see which songs are new? Follow me on Instagram on www.instagram.com/teddysheeransmusic, where I post a short video of the songs that you can find over here. The pictures on this page are made by myself, I took them at the concerts in Amsterdam, Werchter and Vienna in 2018 and Hannover and Ipswich in 2019. . 



Ed Sheeran Lego Stop Motion Movies

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